Tips on Cleaning and Protecting Your Floors

cleaning floor

Cleaning and protecting your house floor is the best way to keep your home looking good. It is advisable to clean your floor depending on the type and condition. There are different types of floor, and each of them needs some special care.

Concrete and tile floor surfaces are easy to maintain and take care of. On the other hand, wooden and carpeted floors need some extra attention. When you clean your floor with the right tools, it will be easy to maintain the look for a long time. Here are some tips on cleaning and protecting your floors:

Avoid Water on Wooden Floors

When taking care of wooden floors, it is advisable to avoid water. Natural wood can be tricky to handle, and when you expose the floor to water, it will start rotting. For wooden floors, the best way to take care of the floor is to polish it.

Polishing the floor will keep it looking good and new at all times. For routine cleaning, you can use the normal vacuum or sweep the floor. You do not have to polish a wooden floor every other time, you can do it once in a while.

wooden floor

Protect Your Floor from Damage

Protecting your floor from damage is the hardest thing to do. You need to make sure that you avoid any sharp objects on your floor.

When it comes to wooden or laminate floors, the best thing is to make sure that you avoid any sharp objects. For instance, do not wear pointed stiletto shoes on wooden floors because they damage the floor.


Carpeted floors can be difficult to clean. However, you have to be consistent and do it every day. For everyday cleaning, use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust.

The dust might not be visible but removing the dust every other day can help. It will avoid allergies, and it will also save you time when you have to do the big cleaning process. Once in a while, you can do a deep cleaning with soap and water. A carpet cleaning company will help you with this process.

carpet cleaning

Tile and PVC Floors

Tiles and PVC floors are the easiest to clean and maintain. All you need to clean is to use some soapy water and a clean piece of cloth.

However, you have to be careful because these floor types can be slippery. They are the easiest floors to clean, and they last for a long time.

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