How to Start Your Indoor Herb Garden?

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There’s something about growing your own produce that fills you in with a feeling of joy and satisfaction. But not every one of us is lucky enough to have a big backyard to start a vegetable garden. Some of us even live in the city where you can only grow plants on a pot. However, this should not be a hindrance to start you up on gardening. You can always start small by starting an indoor herb garden. Herbs are easy to grow; they can grow on pots; they only need a little sunshine, soil that drains, and a little fertilizer. When you love to cook, starting your own herb garden can be very useful and fulfilling.

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To start your indoor herb garden:

First Step

Find a good spot in your home. Remember that herbs should still get a little sunlight. Windowsills are a great spot to grow your herbs

Second Step

It’s time to buy some pots. Make sure that you choose the appropriate size of containers for your herbs. It shouldn’t be too large or too small. Also, consider your plants’ location. You can buy any material of pots that you prefer. Whether it’s a clay pot, plastic or metal, the important thing is that it has proper drainage for the excess water to escape.

Third Step

You can now choose your herbs. You can either buy starter plants or seeds. I prefer starter plants as it will save you three weeks of grow time, it will be ready for harvest in no time, and it’s less likely to die. The simplest herbs to grow are basil, parsley and mint. They grow abundantly, and they don’t mind the often harvesting. But there are a lot of herbs to choose from. You can read on about these specific herbs and how to successfully grow them.

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Fourth Step

Since you’re starting an indoor herb garden and will be growing it on pots, you should use potting soil instead of garden soil as potting soil drains water more efficiently.

Fifth Step

It’s time now to take proper care of your herbs. Choosing and accomplishing the first four steps are the easy part, but taking care of your herbs so it can flourish might be the hard part of starting your indoor garden. The basics are: You have to water them on schedule consistently, and you will need to harvest them frequently to make way for new growth. Each herb has some specifics on how much water and sunlight they need; this is where the third step comes in. Make sure to read on about the herbs you are planning to grow. Enjoy!

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