Tips on buying undercounter ice maker

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Just like the name suggests, an undercounter ice maker is placed under the counter. This ice maker cannot be moved from one place to another, so you need to look for a location to place it. Unlike the portable ice makers which are slightly smaller, these ice makers are big, and they have the ability to produce large capacities. If you want to buy an undercounter ice maker, there are many options available. However, there are some factors that you need to consider before you choose any ice maker.

Buying an undercounter ice maker

Where will you keep it?

The location of your ice maker is important before making the purchase. You need to determine where you will place your undercounter ice maker. Some ice makers can be placed outdoors while some are meant for indoor. If you plan to use the ice maker outdoors, then you need to look for one that has a strong exterior to withstand harsh weather. Where you will place the ice maker will also determine the size of your ice maker.

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Water draining options

Water draining options is usually a challenge that comes with this type of ice makers. Once the ice is produced, there should be an outlet to allow water to drain from the ice maker. Most of the ice makers have an inbuilt drainage to allow the flow of water. On the other hand, for the older versions, you have to buy a separate drainage to allow water outside.

Energy savings

With the constant need to save energy in home appliances, you need to look for an ice maker with proper energy consumption. Energy savings should be one of the main the factors that you consider when buying an inbuilt ice maker. To make sure that you save energy, avoid buying a big ice maker that will waste energy. A big ice maker will give you more ice cubes more than you need and translate to high energy bills.

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For an undercounter ice maker, you might require a special installation process, and you need to read the manual or call a technician. Some ice makers are easy to install as long as you follow the manual. However, there are others that might require special installation by a technician.

A Buyers Guide To Finding The Best Knife Sharpener

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At some point, a blunt knife that failed to cut when you expected it to might have frustrated you. When in such a situation, a knife sharpener could be the only thing you need. Knife sharpeners make cutting and chopping easy. With a blunt knife, cutting can be extremely tough and inconveniencing. Therefore, having a knife sharpener makes life in the kitchen easy and helps you save time.

Why knife blades become dullcutting vegetable

Knife blades are made from different materials. As such, irrespective of the material, exposure to liquids, biochemical agents and their interaction with the chopping boards makes them blunt over time. However, getting a new knife every time you old knife becomes blunt is not cost effective at all. As such, it is wise to invest in a knife sharpener.

How to find the right knife sharpener

There are different types of sharpeners in the market. Each model has its unique features, which make suitable for specific applications. For instance, a machine made for a hotel is quite different from that made for home use. As such, when shopping for a sharpener for home application, here are some factors to consider.


As mentioned earlier, the fact that different knife sharpeners have different features, they are also sold at different prices. As such, you need to look at the options available online and come with a budget. If you do not see yourself using them frequently, you can buy an inexpensive unit. Probably a manual one.


Knife sharpeners are made from different materials. The type of materials dictates the performance of the sharpener. A good unit should be made from a material that assures you consistent results. When looking at the material, it is all about getting a sharpener with a good abrasive material. Depending on your budget, usage, you might either consider using polished ceramic, tungsten carbide or a diamond stone.

man holding knifeNumber of sharpening edges

A coarse surface is used to reshape the edges of dull knives. On the other hand, fine abrasive surfaces are meant for touch ups or for edges that need some polish. You need a machine with multiple sharpening edges. For instance, using a coarse edge for minor touch ups means that you will be taking away unnecessary steel.

Make an effort of looking at the availability of safety features, warranty, and the nature of operation among other things.

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